ARTIST: Lucy Greville-Smith


I had decided I wanted to become a tattoo artist when I was 15, but got my tattooing opportunity in 2007 when I was at university in Lancashire studying forensic science and criminology. I had been getting tattooed by the same studio for three years and built up a great rapport with the artists there; I finally plucked up the courage to ask them how best to get into it.

I was asked to bring in some of my drawings... A few months later I was sitting in the studio cleaning tips and learning how to set up machines! Not long after that I was involved in opening a completely new studio in a town nearby, meaning I saw first-hand what was involved, especially how to establish the highest hygiene standards as we had to pass the councils environmental health standards to open.

I worked as receptionist/apprentice which enabled me to be involved in every aspect of the tattooing process from start to finish and eventually as people got to know me and I had proven I was worthy, I was let loose on tiny pieces in easy to tattoo areas... Eventually I decided I needed to move back home, so that’s when I started working in Leamington. I have been desperate to spread my wings ever since and this is my opportunity to do so!

I love tattooing bright colourful pieces, especially traditional, Japanese and feminine styles, however with the increase in popularity of black and grey I have really enjoyed the sleeves and back pieces I have been presented with. I could not possibly choose one piece to pick as my favourite; however there is a few that stick out as memorable!

The tattoo artists that have inspired me include Angelique Houtkamp, Jeff Gogue, Valerie Vargas, Crispy Lennox and Claudia De Sabe. The two main artists I have been tattooed by are Dave 'The Bhudda' Ashton and Juliet Preston (Arty Cow) whose work I completely adore and still travel up north to get tattooed by them! I also have a piece from Steve Byrne and multiple pieces by other artists who enabled and were greatly influential in my ascent into this career. I am always planning new work and getting tattooed myself, reminds me of how I make people feel every day! I love my job so much!